ingwionthevanya inquired:

~kręci głową nad plemieniem Ludzi i ich zwyczajami~

-wymyka mu się westchnienie nad społecznością elfów i ich niezrozumieniem dla zasłużonego focha- 

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ingwionthevanya inquired:

~daje szarlotki~

-ignoruje szarlotkę bo jest obrażony. Przełyka ślinę stwierdzając, że zjadły chętnie kawałek ciasta ale honor to honor-


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ingwionthevanya inquired:


-Witold dostrzega zaczepkę elfa lecz usiłuje zignorować bo jest trochę obrażony-

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ji-indur said: A sea-rooster? -cackles-

//xD This made my day!~

Or mayby sea-lizard? Since (at least in European version of the legend) Basilisk is half reptile? Or Sea-snake? (I would risk calling him Medusa XD)

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//You may refer to a pirate as sea-dog (or sea wolf in Polish) but… how do you call a basilisk that became a pirate?

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Anonymous inquired:

(yo, dmmd anon here!^^) Hey you, what's wrong with your eyes? You can use scrap, can you not?

//OMG, for real? You’re so sweet, Anon!

Witold stopped what he was doing and froze. He turned around to look at the person. 

"I can use what? I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean."

A lie, obviously. He had already hear the word scrap and every bit of information he managed to grasp about it was rather unpleasant. It wasn’t until recently that he started to connect his abilities to this scrap. Still…, how did that person knew that something was wrong with his eyes? He needed to play it off quickly.

Witold looked at the person in grey hood calmly.

"I know I know, my eyes look a bit creepy today. That’s because of lack of sleep. I suffer from insomnia."

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❝ Revenge is never a straight line. It’s a forest. And like a forest, it’s easy to lose your way, to get lost and forget where you came in. ❞
— Hatori Hanzo, Kill Bill Vol.1 (via midnightinlorien)
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witold-dewleski inquired:

-continues to read, or rather staring at the runs wondering what could those funny patterns mean. However, he doubted that Ingwion could possibly have any book that Witold could consider readable-


~pretends more~

//sorry for him

-Starts to analyze the funny patterns too much, which isn’t a good idea considering his lack of sleep- -imagined something extraordinarily odd and decided that’s it for learning runes tonight- -puts book back, returns to chair and half-lies on it, wrapping himself in his longsuit comfortably and closes his eyes-

//It’s okay :D

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witold-dewleski inquired:

-knocks and enters the room hesitantly- Good morning, Ingwion. There is one thing I consider asking you for a while. Could you tell me something about... snakes in Middle Earth?


Ingwion smiled at the man.
"Well, snakes are in Middle-Earth, it is a fact."

"That’s not what I actually meant to ask. I didn’t specify my question, sorry. I didn’t want to ask you about the animal. Are there any kinds of… magical serpents? The ones who can talk, cast spells or let’s say, kill one by its breath or glare?" 

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Reblog if you want a bunch of “have you evers” and “would you rathers” in your ask box right now.
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